Ambachem Industries

Application :

  • It is an antibacterial antibiotic formulation for effective control of the bacterial disease.
  • Yellow coloured free flowing powder.
  • Compatible with most commonly used Insecticides &Fungicides.

Bacterial Disease Controlled : Bacterial Leaf blight of Rice, Black Spot in Chillies & Tomato, Black Rot in Cabbage & Cauliflower, Brown Rot in Potato, Leaf Spot in Cucumber, Angular Leaf Spot & Black arm in Cotton, Citrus Canker in Citrus & Bacterial Disease in Grapes, Sugarcane, Mango etc.


Brand Name K-Cycline
Technical Name Streptomycin 90% +Tetracycline10%
Shelf life 2 years
Form Powder
Packing Available 6gm Sachet

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