Ambachem Industries

Shelf Life:

  • When the container is intact - 2 years from date of manufacturing
  • When the container is open - Subject to external environment


Chemical Formula C11H16O2
Molecular Weight : 180.25
Trade Name B.H.A
CAS No. 25013-16-5
Packaging Specification 25Kg in Fiber Drums with LDPE Liner inside
Storage Condition Dry & Cool (Ambient Temp.250C

Technical Details

Parameter Method of Analysis Norms
Appearance Visual White to Pale Yellow solid with Waxy appearance
Purity HPLC 98.50%Min
Melting Point Melting Point Apparatus 480to 630
3-Tert. Butyl-4-Hydroxy Anisole (3-BHA) - 95% Min
Tert. Butyl Hydroquinone -  
Arsenic(as As) AAS 2ppm Max
Hydroquinone % by mass Chromatography 0.1% Max
Hydroquinone % By Mass   0.1% Max
Heavy Metals(as Pb) Chemical Analysis 2ppm Max
Sulphated Ash - 0.01% Max

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