Ambachem Industries

Application : Gas generated by the spray of DDVP controls the growth of the sucking pest and other insects

Insects Controlled :

  • Ayworm, Brown Plant Hopper, Cutworm, Leaf Folder of Paddy, Caterpillar of Wheat, Caterpillar, Cabbage Looper, Semi Looper of Sunflower, Leaf Eating Caterpillar of soyabean
  • Pyrilla of Sugarcane, Red Hairy Caterpillar of Groundnut, Hairy Caterpillar of Castor
  • Red Pumpkin Beetle of Cucurbit, Painted Bug of Mustard, Apple Borer of Cashew


Brand Name DDVP
Technical Name Dichlorovos 76% EC
Shelf life 1 Years
Form Liquid
Packing Available 100ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1Lit

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