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Application :

  • Melanin biosynthesis inhibitor.
  • Systemic fungicide absorbed rapidly by the roots, with translocation through the plant.


  • Cyclon is used world wide as the most acceptable fungicide for Blast control
  • Cyclon is highly systemic in nature and is not removed by rain water. Rains may actually increase the rate of Blastin absorption.
  • Cyclon does not allow blast disease to enter the rice plant.
  • Cyclon  also checks the further development of blast disease to other parts.
  • Cyclon  is stable during prolonged storage and dissolves rapidly in water.
  • Cyclon because of its preventive action reduces the chaffy & broken grains and also increases the quality & yield of the rice field.
  • Multi application methods such as flat drench, transplant root soak or foliar applications are possible.
  • Fungal Disease Controlled:
  • Blast in Rice


Brand Name Cyclon
Technical Name Tricyclazole 75%WP
Form Powder
Shelf Life 2 Years
Packing Available 120g & 500g
Color Natural

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